Right now I'm reading...

Right now I'm reading... Taylor Swift: The Whole Story by Chas Newkey-Burden.

Monday, 24 December 2012

The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year by Sue Townsend.

Years ago I read 'The Queen And I' and I loved it so I was looking forward to another funny read from Sue Townsend.

The book did make me laugh out loud at times but on the whole I was a bit underwhelmed.  The story was far too over the top, which combined with characters who were unbelieveable made for a very unrealistic story.  I couldn't relate to any of the characters and didn't even feel much sympathy for the main character, Eva, finding her quite selfish as I don't think enough was done to explain why she took to bed for a year.

As far as books go, this one is an easy read, and would be great if you wanted a very light hearted, funny read.

Title: The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year.
Author: Sue Townsend.

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