Right now I'm reading...

Right now I'm reading... Taylor Swift: The Whole Story by Chas Newkey-Burden.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Happy Ever After by Patricia Scanlan.

I enjoyed this book.  It wasn't one of my favourites but it was an easy read. There were a lot of characters involved in the story but I liked the way each character was introduced, and each point of view clearly explained (although I did have to have a think about how characters were related to each other at times).

There are so many characters, each in different situations I think that everyone would be able to relate to at least one personality in this book.

It's a good example of light-hearted chick-lit which covers some quite strong topics without getting too serious.  A bit like, but not as good as, Marian Keyes.

Title: Happy Ever After?
Author: Patricia Scanlan

A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowden.

An honest, inspiring book that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy...

I love cats so I was always going to love this book, having seen Bob's appearance on ITV's This Morning I already knew he really was quite a Dude!

What I loved about this book was that it wasn't just another book about a cat; it was a story of friendship, told by a homeless, recovering drug addict.  I have learnt things I never knew about cats reading this book, but also I've learnt about how society treats the homeless and it's made me much more aware of issues I never really knew much about. 

This book has definitely made me change my opinion of Big Issue sellers.  I've bought the magazine before, but have never enjoyed it, however I have to admit that I used to pretty much ignore the sellers - seeing as I knew I didn't want a magazine I just walked on.  But now having some understanding of their situation I'll make sure I change that in the future and not be another rude passer-by.

But back to Bob - hes an amazing little cat.  All cat owners know their cats have their own personalities and little eccentricities, but Bob sounds like a  very cool cat indeed!

So right now I'm off to knit my own cat a blue scarf and waistcoat set...

Good look to you James and Bob - you deserve  to enjoy every last bit of this book's success x

Title: A Street Cat Named Bob
Author: James Bowen

Thursday, 13 September 2012

I did it! 35 books in a year...

At the beginning of this year, and having read a couple of good books I realised I should start to make time for reading again, and so I set myself a challenge of reading 35 books in 2012.
I finished this goal on September 8th.  I wasn't sure if I would read that many in a year, let alone in nine months, but I have to admit I have become a bit of a bookworm.  It's been interested to read different styles of book and have enjoyed sharing books with other people, getting and giving recommendations, and love it when I read a good book that I can pass onto a friend.

I always used to think that reading was a lonely hobby, but over the course of this challenge I have realised how wrong I was.  I have shared a love of reading with friends, swapping books and recommendations.  Once I mention my reading challenge people are quick to list all the books I 'must' read.  I've enjoying sharing good books on Twitter and Goodreads, have started visiting the library again.  The charity shops in my local town must have seen their takings go up quite a bit because I now have a slight obsession with buying books, and cannot pass a charity shop without popping in to check out the bookshelf!

One of my favourites, White Wedding
I have piles of books at home, some borrowed from friends, some of my favourites that I want to keep, and most waiting to be read.  I really like finishing one book and getting to choose which book to read next!

Over the course of my challenge I've read some great books, my favourites of the year so far are Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, which I could happily read over and over again; and White Wedding by Milly Johnson which is lovely funny book.

Another favourite, Me Before You
There are some I wish I hadn't read (The Big Year by Mark Obmascik) comes to mind, but most of all I've enjoyed the books I've read and now have a list of authors whose books I seem to be collecting and they sit grouped together on my bookshelves... Emily Giffin, Milly Johnson, Jojo Moyes, Marian Keyes, Cecila Ahern and Carole Matthews to name a few!

I've joined in with the Shades of Grey phenomena and couldn't quite believe how many people were all reading and talking about the same books.

So after a lot of hours reading, I can see my new hobby continuing to grow bigger and bigger as I read more books, and come to love more authors.  And I've also loved sharing my books on here, so thank you for reading my little snippets and sharing your books with me too xxx

Sunday, 9 September 2012

I Choose To Live by Sabine Dardenne.

I read this book in a day.  It's a very easy style of writing to read and it's only a couple of hundred pages long.

The story was very interesting (if you like true crime books) and didn't include too many gruesome details which the author didn't want to include in the book.

If I were to criticise the book, I would say it was a little repetitive in parts, but other than that it was an interested read.

Title: I Choose to Live
Author: Sabine Dardenne

Before The Poison by Peter Robinson.

I had been looking forward to reading this book for quite a while and once I finally got my hands on a copy I was excited to read it straight away.

I was disappointed.

Having heard good things about the DCI Banks books, and enjoying the T.V. programme I was hoping this book, although not in the DCI Banks series, would be just as good.  

Unfortunately I found there to be no real mystery keeping me interested in the story.  It was simply the story of a man looking back at an old crime, and not a very exciting one at that.  I was expected a lot of drama, twists and turns and probably a dead body - given that the cover shows a dead girl (there is not a hint of a dead girl in this book by the way so I've no idea why it's there!).  All in all, I wouldn't recommend this one, as quite frankly, not a lot happened.

Title: Before The Poison
Author: Peter Robinson