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Right now I'm reading... Taylor Swift: The Whole Story by Chas Newkey-Burden.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Happy Ever After by Patricia Scanlan.

I enjoyed this book.  It wasn't one of my favourites but it was an easy read. There were a lot of characters involved in the story but I liked the way each character was introduced, and each point of view clearly explained (although I did have to have a think about how characters were related to each other at times).

There are so many characters, each in different situations I think that everyone would be able to relate to at least one personality in this book.

It's a good example of light-hearted chick-lit which covers some quite strong topics without getting too serious.  A bit like, but not as good as, Marian Keyes.

Title: Happy Ever After?
Author: Patricia Scanlan

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