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Right now I'm reading... Taylor Swift: The Whole Story by Chas Newkey-Burden.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Things Get Better by Katie Piper.

Having read Katie's first book 'Beautiful' I knew I would like her second just as much.  And I did.  Things Get Better is a self help book, but don't let that put you off.  I'm very lucky to be in a 'good place' at the moment, but I still really enjoyed reading the book and have taken so much away from it.  Not only does Katie detail her methods of coping with what she was going through so that you can use these yourself, she also describes her own feelings as she was experiencing different stages of her recovery so it's a very interesting book to read.

We all go through difficult times in life, varying from the really dark to just having a rubbish day, and I think anyone could read this book and find that some of Katie's coping strategies, hints and tips would really help them.

I have definitely taken coping strategies away from this book that I am already using in everyday life to try and feel more positive.  It's so easy to fall into worrying about the negative things, however small they may be, but Katie's recommendations on how to think positively and feel grateful everyday are something I can practically use every day, and already have.

It was an incredibly positive experience reading this book, and couldn't stop talking to people about the situations and methods Katie described.  I would say everyone could take something away from reading this very insightful book.

The back page blurb:
To look and listen to the extraordinary Katie Piper, it is difficult to comprehend the severe trauma she suffered from a brutal rape and acid attack which left her with deep physical and emotional scars. These terrible events would have crushed most people, but through her positive outlook and sheer determination, Katie has become inspirational to millions and living proof that no matter what life throws at you, if you work hard and believe - things will get better.
Katie now begins to answer the question that everyone wants to know - 'Where did you find the courage?' She shares the key steps and support that led to her emotional recovery and acknowledges the pain we have all felt at times, whether suffering a breakup, life change or more serious trauma. Drawing on her own experiences and letters from other survivors, Katie shows with spectacular compassion that we can all find the strength within to carry on.

Title: Things Get Better
Author: Katie Piper

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