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Right now I'm reading... Taylor Swift: The Whole Story by Chas Newkey-Burden.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Billy by Pamela Stephenson.

This books tells the story of Billy Connolly's life, as written by his wife Pamela Stephenson.
The book begins with Pamela giving quite a philosophical introduction which I found really interesting; and I absolutely adored the ending, in which Billy wrote his own rules for life.  They were hilarious; I could easily live my own life by them!
I have to admit that I found the rest of the book I little bit dull.  I really like Billy Connolly which is why I wanted to read this book, but I can't really put my finger on what I thought the book was missing.  To me it just seemed to jump around a bit, and seemed to spend too much time focusing on his childhood which is always my least favourite part of biographies and autobiographies, I prefer to hear about their time being famous, because I feel like that's the time when I've 'known' them.

There were some funny anecdotes and plenty of celebrity friend name dropping but on the whole I just felt this book lacked a little sparkle. There was nothing really that I feel set it apart from other books I've read like this, and I love a good comedian biography!

The back page blurb:
The inside story of the one of the most successful British stand-up comedians, as told by the person best qualified to reveal all about the man behind the comic, his wife of over 20 years – Pamela Stephenson.
Once in a lifetime, there strides upon the stage someone who can truly be called a legend. Such a person is the inimitable, timeless genius who is Billy Connolly. His effortlessly wicked whimsy has entranced, enthralled – and split the sides of – thousands upon thousands of adoring audiences.
And when he isn't doing that…he's turning in award-winning performances on film and television.
He's the man who needs no introduction, and yet he is the ultimate enigma. From a troubled and desperately poor childhood in the docklands of Glasgow he is now the intimate of household names the world over.
How did this happen, who is the real Billy Connolly? Only one person can answer that question: his wife, Pamela Stephenson. Pamela’s writing combines the very personal with a frank objectivity that makes for a compelling, moving and hugely entertaining biography. This is the real Billy Connolly.
This genre-defining book is now re-released for a new generation of comedy fans, with a stunning package and a new Foreword from the author. Pamela’s vision of Billy is as true now as it ever was – as groundbreaking, as moving and as laugh-out-loud funny – and here she brings the book fully into its context, as one of the most influential biographies ever written.

Title: Billy
Author: Pamela Stephenson.

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